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Accessories - Parts or products specifically designed to be fitted to your vehicle. We may treat some accessories as modifications, so please tell us about any alterations to your vehicle.
Accidental Damage - Sudden and unexpected accidents to insured items such as falling through the loft (Buildings) or spilling paint on the carpet (Contents).
Approved repairer - A repairer we have approved and authorised to repair your vehicle following a claim under your policy.
Approved windscreen supplier - A repairer we have approved and authorised to repair or replace your windscreen as shown on your Schedule.
Bedroom - A room built or converted for sleeping in, even it is used for other purposes.
Bedroom rated/Blanket cover - Policies offering a fixed overall sum insured eg £1m for buildings and £75,000 for contents. This often offers far greater cover than is required in order to give peace of mind against under-insurance.
Buildings - Your home and its patios, terraces, tennis courts, swimming pools, walls, fences, hedges, gates, drives, footpaths, landlords fixtures and fittings, service tanks, drains, septic tanks, pipes, cables and central-heating oil tanks.
Business - Your employment, business, trade or profession.
Business equipment - Computers, keyboards, visual display units and printers, word-processing equipment, desk-top publishing units, multi-user small business computers, tax machines, photocopiers, typewriters, computer-aided design equipment and telecommunication equipment worth up to £4,000 in total.
Certificate of Motor Insurance - This document provides evidence that you have taken out the insurance you must have by law. It identifies who can drive your vehicle and the purposes for which your vehicle can be used.
Contents - Household goods and personal belongings (including money up to £300), belonging to you (or for which you are legally responsible) or to people who work for you and live in your home.
Excess - The amount you must pay towards any claim.
Fault Claim - A claim on your insurance where your insurer did not recoup all of their costs associated with that claim.
Garden - The lawn, bushes, shrubs, trees and flower beds, contained within the premises named in the Schedule.
High-risk items - Home entertainment equipment and valuables.
Home - The insured property shown in the home insurance schedule and its garages and outbuildings, as long as they are not used for business.
Home entertainment equipment - All computer equipment (including games and laptops), television sets, DVD and video prayers and recorders, games consoles and I audio equipment in your home (including aerials and satellite dishes fixed to your home).
Market value (car) - The cost of replacing your vehicle with another of the same make and model and of a similar age and condition at the time of the accident or loss. If you bought your vehicle at a lower price than would normally be found in UK trade guides, we will reduce the market value accordingly.
Money - Cash, cheques, money orders, postal orders, current postage stamps which are not part of a collection, National Insurance stamps, saving stamps or certificates, Premium Bonds, travellers cheques, travel tickets, luncheon vouchers, gift tokens and phone cards which belong to you and are not used for business.
Motor Proposal Confirmation - The document recording the statements made and information you gave or which was given for you when you bought your policy.
No Claims Bonus - (NCB) or sometimes called No Claim Discount (NCD) - a discount applied to your policy at renewal for each claim-free year completed, normally up to a maximum of 5 years.
Partner - Your husband, wife, civil partner or someone you are living with as if you are married to them.
Pedal cycle - Any pedal cycle belonging to you, and its accessories.
Period of cover - The period you are insured for that is shown in the home insurance schedule.
Personal possessions - Valuables, luggage, clothing, sports equipment and any other items you normally wear, use or carry which belong to you or for which you are legally responsible.
Policy - The policy booklet, Schedule, Motor Proposal Confirmation and Certificate of Motor Insurance.
Protected No Claims Bonus - You pay an extra premium to protect your level of No Claims Bonus - this means that you keep your (maximum) NCB level even if you have fault claims, subject to limits (ie 2 fault claims in a 5yr consecutive period, with a maximum of 1 fault claim in any one year).
Sanitary fittings - Washbasins and pedestals, bathroom and kitchen sinks, bidets, lavatory pans and cisterns, shower trays, shower screens, baths and bath panels, but not including swimming pools.
Schedule - The document which identifies the policyholder and sets out details of the cover your policy provides.
Sum insured - The most we will pay for any number of is the amount shown in the home insurance schedule claims caused by one incident.
Terms - All terms, exceptions, conditions and limits which apply to your policy.
Trackday - When your vehicle is driven on event a racing track, an airfield or at an off-road event.
Trailer - Any form of trailer which has been specially built to be towed by a vehicle.
Underwriter - The company providing the insurance cover under the policy.
Unoccupied - Not lived in by you or any other person with your permission.
Unprotected No Claim Bonus - This means your no claim bonus level will drop if you have a fault claim in a period of insurance (usually drops back by 2 yrs).
Valuables - Jewellery objects made of precious metal, pictures and other works of art, clocks, watches photographic equipment (including video cameras), furs, (but not antique furniture) and stamp coin and medal collections.
Your vehicle - Any private motor vehicle insured under your policy and described in the Certificate of Motor Insurance usually including its accessories and spare parts, whether they are on or in the vehicle, or in your locked private garage - see policy for details.